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See The World Through Your Cat’s Eyes!



What is The Feline Perspective about?

The Feline Perspective is about our cats and how we can build an amazing life together.

And it is based the journey of Ilse Devriese and her feline companions.

Concretely, it is an online a resource to :

  •  help work out communication kinks between your and your furry roommate
  • prevent and address any problem behaviour
  • strengthen your bond with your kitty
  • optimise your life together


So why The Feline Perspective?

The idea is to look at the world through our cat’s eyes – to bridge the gap between our two species.

It allows us to enrich our own point of view, broaden our horizons and navigate communication issues more effectively. It effectively allows us to tap into our empathy and understanding across species.


Who is Ilse Devriese?

Cat Behaviourist

I’m just a girl living her life here in Oslo, Norway.

I’ve been a life-long cat enthusiast and grew up playing with them instead of dolls. I hold a Masters in Translation – the sensible choice my parents encourage me to pursue. Yet, my first job was as a veterinary receptionist/assistant at a big animal clinic in Belgium.  During my time there, I did a lot of rescuing and rehoming of strays that found their way to me at the clinic.

Not soon after, my house full of rescues became…well, problematic. Suddenly, one of my kitties, Princess, the picture of grace and felinity, started eliminating on my bed and sofa – 3 times a day. And so, I started reading. Returning her to the shelter where she’d almost been catatonic was simply not an option. So, I dug deeper. It took me 9 months to fully figure out and address what was going on with her, but I did it.

And I was hooked.

Then, when my boss at the clinic invited me to take classes to become a cat behaviourist, I scrounged the money together and jumped at the chance to add Meowese to my curriculum vitae as a translator.

Once we moved to Norway, a veterinarian here asked me if she could refer ‘problem cats’ that had been medically cleared to me. Later on, I also started a pet sitting service, in order to gain more exposure and experience with a wider range of animals.


How The Feline Perspective came to be

Quite a few years ago, I became intrigued by the medium called ‘blogging’. And so, I did some research – extensive research. This was during my years when I trained as a cat behaviourist. Meanwhile, I experimented a bit with a blog that told the tales of the crazy antics my cats got up to – just tinkering to see what blogging was all about.

This is where the thought of incorporating the classes I was about to take, as well as the journey I’d taken so far as cat guardian and as a person.  I wanted to take all that I’d learned and merge it into a kind of journal – both for soundboard purposes, as well as sharing it with others.

It took a few years to both finish the studies and go from idea to fully fleshed out idea to execution – something I always struggled with – but here we are!


Why I do what I do

Much like in any relationship, the rut, pressures of life and general ‘taking for granted’ trap can cause people – and felines – to forget why they entered into this relationship in the first place. And it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve been down this road myself one too many times – with both felines and humans.

It sucks, every time.

But I believe that with awareness, patience and trust, we can turn those relationships into what they were meant to be. 

A source of sustenance and sheer joy for both parties involved.

These bonds are not supposed to be a source of aggravation or stress – quite the opposite, in fact. And that is what I want to remind people of. It’s what I want to share with others and help them achieve, safe guard and optimise.


Meet my team



Arwen came to me when she was 4 weeks old – starving, mucus and puss everywhere and covered in parasites. She and her brothers were near death due to Feline Influenza. The big culprit was Herpes, in fact, and it nearly destroyed her eye. It took me six weeks and a mountain of antibiotics to get her back up and running.

She is – for all intents and purposes – my baby. She came back from the brink of death with a zest for life that was just…inspiring. These days, her immune system is completely destroyed, but she is the happiest, most even-tempered kitten you’ll ever meet. And she charms the pants off of anyone she meets!


Trinity was given to me by the staff of the shelter I worked for. And she unfortunately was the recipient of my first mistake as an independent cat owner with indoor cats. Her and Princess didn’t get along for a month, with fur flying everywhere, causing me to look up what was going on so I wouldn’t make that same mistake again. After that, she became a living buffer between Princess and Luna.

Trinity is our resident toothless grandma – due to FORL – who checks in  with me twice a week for a good dose of cuddles.


Faith is our feral kitty. She came to me at the age of 6 months – way passed her socialisation period. Healthy as a horse physically, she suffers from a severe phobia regarding humans which has since her arrival gladly gone down quite a bit. She is known as our Ghost Kitten. Her favourite feeding and cuddling time is 3 am, when everything is quiet.

Recently, we’ve made some good progress. For the first time in 10 years, she’s allowing petting – to the point where she even enjoys it.  This is the result of 3 months worth of training, which is still ongoing.



Thanks for meeting me and my team. I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

And remember – you  can always drop me a line with your feedback here!