See the world through your cat's eyes


The Feline Perspective


The Feline Perspective is about our cats and how we can build an amazing life together.

And it is based my journey and that of my feline companions.

Concretely, it is an online a resource to :

  •  help work out communication kinks between your and your furry roommate
  • prevent and address any problem behaviour
  • strengthen your bond with your kitty
  • optimise your life together


So why The Feline Perspective?


The idea is to look at the world through our cat’s eyes – to bridge the gap between our two species.

It allows us to enrich our own point of view, broaden our horizons and navigate communication issues more effectively. It effectively allows us to tap into our empathy and understanding across species.

And, consequently, optimise our relationship with those amazing fur balls sharing our lives.


Who am I?


Cat Behaviourist

I’m just a girl living her life here in Oslo, Norway.

I’ve been a life-long cat enthusiast and grew up playing with them instead of dolls. I hold a Masters in Translation – the sensible choice my parents encourage me to pursue.

Yet, my first job was as a veterinary receptionist/assistant at a big animal clinic in Belgium.  During my time there, I did a lot of rescuing and rehoming of strays that found their way to me at the clinic.

Not soon after, my house full of rescues became…well, problematic. Suddenly, one of my kitties, Princess, the picture of grace and felinity, started eliminating on my bed and sofa – 3 times a day. And so, I started looking for a solution. I started reading books on cat behaviour. Returning her to the shelter where she’d almost been catatonic was simply not an option. It took me 9 months to fully figure out and address what was going on with her, but I did.

I was hooked.

Completely fascinated by the world I’d just discovered.

Then, when my boss at the clinic invited me to take classes to become a cat behaviourist, I scrounged the money together and jumped at the chance to add ‘Meowese’ to my curriculum vitae as a translator.

For 2 years, I took classes on how cats see the world. I remember coming out of that first class wondering how I could’ve spent my entire young life with cats, and not know some of the most obvious, basic things I’d just been taught.

After those 2 years, we moved to Norway. There, a veterinarian asked me if she could refer ‘problem cats’ that had been medically cleared to me. And so, my mission began.


Why I do what I do


Much like in any relationship, the pressures of life can cause people to forget why they entered into a relationship in the first place. I’ve been down this road myself one too many times – with both felines and humans. And it sucks, every time.

It is easy to take for granted – and even expect – that cats accommodate us in every way. They adhere to our preference for living indoors and the use of verbal communication, for example. For our sakes. They are invested in us. 

In fact, it was what I loved about cats, growing up. They never judge or try to control you, but they are invested in your well-being while being transparantly clear about their own needs.

Yet, life is so hectic that it becomes easy to get into a rut. And along the way, both felines and humans can build up animosity and bad habits which sour the relationship even more. To the point where when one needs the help of the other, it is no longer available.

If your cat knows that you will force it to cuddle without regard of their consent, they will no longer want to come near you, leaving you robbed of your much needed oxytocin when the world kicks you in the teeth. In turn, you won’t feel in a helping mood when your cat starts peeing on your favourite rug – even if they have a good reason for doing so, like a bladder infection.  And that is where things start to break down.

I believe that with awareness, communication and trust, we can turn those relationships into what they were meant to be. 

A chance to thrive together, while having a blast! Whether it is cuddling on the couch, playing with a wand toy or going on adventures together outside, there are many things we can engage in to foster our bond and enjoy our time together.

This is what I want to share with others and help them achieve.